Types of Fishing

types of fishing

Types of Fishing Techniques

Whether you are fishing for a living or simply to have fun and unwind, there are different types of fishing techniques . Depending on where you are fishing, what kind of fish you are planning to catch and of course, your existing equipment, you can choose from 5 popular types of fishing – angling, netting, spear fishing, hand fishing and trapping.
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During the first century AD, angling is equivalent to fishing. Back then, everyone used rods, reels, fishing lines and lures. This is your typical fishing technique wherein you use baits to lure the fish and the moment then take a bite, you literally reel them in. Today, some people use this Technique to catch dinner or simply for entertainment. This fishing style works in both saltwater and freshwater locations.
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If you are after the volume of your catch, then netting must be the best fishing technique to go for. Depending on the size of your net, you can catch a lot of fish at once. This is what commercial fish suppliers use to meet the demands of the market. Of course, the net has to be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the fish with enough holes to let the baby fish swim out. That way, the water life is kept safe for future fishermen to enjoy.
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In movies that feature humans centuries ago, they are often portrayed with a spear. They use the spear to hunt animals for food and even fish for nourishment. Although that was a long time ago, Spearfishing is something that is still relevant today. Many fishermen still use this method because it is effective especially if you are going for a big catch. Angling and netting may not work so well with really big fish because it cannot contain the weight and the strength of the catch. This is something that Spearfishing is good for. A good shot to the head, behind the eye and the fish is yours.

hand fishing

Hand Fishing

Yes, you can catch fish with your bare hands but it takes an awful lot of practice and timing. However it has been done and it can be done. In fact, a term has been invented for it – “tickling trout”. This must be the only kind of fishing technique that allows you to purposefully look for the fish instead of waiting for them to find you. Once you know where the fish usually stay, slowly move your fingers in a wiggling motion and then slowly move towards the fish. You have to be very sneaky and light otherwise the fish will swim away. Once you are close enough, tickle the tummy of the fish and then immediately catch it with your hands. This may take time and practice but it is doable.

fishing trap


Trapping is another way to catch fish. One could say that it is the passive form of the types of fishing techniques but it is so sneaky that it works. Traps are usually easy to purchase and inexpensive. The best seller is usually the minnows. However, if you know enough about fishing, you can be creative and make a homemade trap.

There are different types of fishing techniques. It is really up to you to decide which one you want to use to reel them in.

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